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Thunderbird botch

I made the grave mistake of upgrading Thunderbird to 78 without a backup of ~/.thunderbird...

Platform is netbsd-9 (amd64) with pkgsrc X11. The machine completed a pkg_rolling-replace today.

The newly installed mail/thunderbird converted my profile, but is unable to render half of its UI - no mailboxes.

A newly built mail/thunderbird68 refuses to deal with the converted profile, but does not respond to a click on "new profile".

Playing with 'thunderbird{,68} --ProfileManager' does not make a difference.

In the end, I deleted thunderbird{,68}, and re-installed the old thunderbird 68.10 from a binary package. Of course, I had to re-create accounts, but, with this version, at least I could.

Do the updated Thunderbirds work for anybody?


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