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Re: Spotify

Hi all,

The problem has been identified, see

In summary, `librespotify-connect` depends on `libmdns` which needs `get_if_addrs`.
As mentioned, `get_if_addrs` is archived and `libmdns` calls its latest release.
There's a patch submited to `get_if_addrs`,
that fixes the issue but, this patch is post the last `get_if_addrs` release.

Making `libmdns` call the git-version of `get_if_addrs`, instead of release solves the issue.

Now, to get this fixed at source and soon we may have GUI Spotify support.

If any of you is known as "snowkat" on github, thanks! And "snowkat" please contact me so one of
us does a PR to `libmdns`.


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On Tuesday, September 15, 2020 10:49 AM, voidpin <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Start by saying that all hints and suggestions are welcome.
> Responding to an user request and with the great help of @tnn, @kamil, @wiz and
> @rvp, we have manged to add TUI support for Spotify on NetBSD.
> Following on this, I've decided to attempt GUI support as well and the first step in now
> in place, see
> The GUI client requires a backend, though and I'm currently unnable to build `wip/librespot`, it fails while compiling `get_if_addrs`.
> Anyone having any suggestions on how to overcome this?
> Please see, /wip/librespot/TODO for the details.
> Thank you!
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