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Re: strange trouble building qgis

Earlier I reported an issue where qgis ended up with $$$$area in a
dependency RHS and there has been much discussion of BSD make variable

It turns out that cmake 3.17 did not do escaping of $ in filenames, and
this led qgis to have code to basically s/$/$$.  cmake 3.18 had a
behavior change to escape $.  While this can certainly be considered a
bugfix, it was missing from cmake NEWS equivalent.  Thus, qgis failed to
build, on many systems -- not about NetBSD -- due to the cmake behavior
change.  This resulted in a qgis pull request to basically ifdef the
$->$$ on cmake < 3.18, and that change was merged to qgis 3.10.10,
released yesterday.  Admittedly this was released 12.5 hours before my
first email, so I should have updated...

So, qgis 3.10.10 seems to build ok with cmake 3.18.2.

(Still, I find cmake scary, with a behavior change not documented in
release notes resulting in a hard-to-understand failure to build of a
cmake-using package.  qgis seems to be having a hard time with this:

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