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Re: OpenSMTPD in NetBSD

> On Sep 8, 2020, at 05:11, Michael Bäuerle <> wrote:
> Steve Sartorius wrote:
>> The version of OpenSMTPD in pkgsrc (5.7.3p2) is marked as broken due
>> to a failure to build with openssl 1.1.  The current, portable version
>> of opensmtpd (6.7.1p1) though builds fine in NetBSD (at least for me).
>> Unfortunately, it’s beyond me how to get it into proper package form — I
>> just built and installed into /usr/local.  Has anybody looked at this recently?
>> Would anybody with the ability be able to package this up?
> Hi Steve,
> I have created wip/opensmtpd for version 6.7.1p1.
> Currently tested to build on NetBSD 9 only.

Thanks very much!.  I’ve installed it and will report back any problems.

thanks again,


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