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Re: gnupg vs gnupg2 conflict

Juraj Lutter <> writes:

> Having gnupg2 already installed, I wanted to install gnupg. The attempt ended with
> the following result:
> ===> su-real-package-install [gnupg-1.4.23nb10] ===> Installing binary package of gnupg-1.4.23nb10
> pkg_add: Conflicting PLIST with gnupg2-2.2.23: bin/gpgsplit
> pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
> *** Error code 1

I realize now why I questioned what was wrong.  security/gnupg has had
gpgsplit since 2002.   Until gnupg2 2.2.23, at least our pkgsrc package
does not install gpgsplit.

The NEWS for gnupg 2.2.23 doesn't mention gpgsplit, but looking at
tools/ in both 2.2.21 and 2.2.23 shows it was moved from
noinst_PROGRAMS to bin_PROGRAMS.

> Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to consider renaming bin/gpgsplit to
> bin/gpg2split? Or, being the gnupg2 as “standard”, renaming
> bin/gpgsplit from gnupg1 to gpg1split?

I would be inclined to just not install gpgsplit with devel/gnupg; the
only reasons to install gnupg(1) seem to be to get the old command-line
interface and the older packet formats.  I doubt that anyone uses the
old gpgsplit in a way that will be trouble with the new version.

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