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Re: pkgsrc on OpenBSD

Tom H <> writes:

> What does setting "arch=amd64" in "pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap" do to
> override the later "arch [...]" calls?

It doesn't.

The basic idea is that pkgsrc things MACHINE_ARCH is x86_64 on machines
using the AMD 64-bit instruction set.  OpenBSD's uname -p calls it
amd64.  So that's translated to x86_64, and probably there should be
some translation of every call, or else all the code should just use the
variable and not ask the OS again.

Probably the pkg_install code is one such example.

This is why I say that this needs someone to understand the big-picture
design of how this is supposed to work, perhaps being the one to write
it down for the first time, and then to see where that design isn't
being followed.

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