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Am i using it wrong?


i think i must be using pkgsrc the wrong way in some aspect:

From time to time i need to clear out my system and remove /usr/pkg
and /usr/pkgsrc completely.
I then extract a fresh /usr/pkgsrc, bootstrap it and install basic
stuff via "bmake install", like pkgtools/pkgin, pkgtools/pkgclean and

After this i copy my saved packages from the previous pkgsrc-tree to
/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All and install all of them via "pkg_add *".

Somehow this must be wrong, because sure the packages get installed,
but pkg_info tells me i only have the three packages installed that i
installed earlier with "bmake install".

So when i go ahead and start compiling something that needs one of my
packages installed via "pkg_add *" as a dependency it will tell me
that the dependency is not installed and will start to fetch and
compile it from source.

It is only when i do "bmake bin-install" that the whole thing almost
works as expected. It will still tell me that my package installed via
"pkg_add *" is not installed, but will just install it again from
/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All and not start building it.

Once "bmake bin-install" has installed a package from packages/All, it
will be properly registered and known to pkg_info.

Question is, how can i achieve this without bin-installing everything
again manually.
What am i doing wrong?

Every pkgsrc tutorial tells me that after i have done pkg_add, the
package is installed and known to pkg_info, which from my experience
is not the whole truth...


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