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Re: math/blas not compiling due to gcc7 error

On Sun, Aug 23, 2020 at 09:31:08PM +0200, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> bash-5.0# nm /lib/ |grep cab
> 000000000001f300 T __c99_cabs
> 000000000001f2e0 T __c99_cabsf
> 000000000001f2c0 T __c99_cabsl
> 000000000001f340 T cabs
> 000000000001f320 T cabsf
> So it seems the problem is cabsl missing in /lib/ which then is
> a problem of the base system?

The same is true for both amd64 and sparc64 in -current, the symbol used
in libm is __c99_cabsl, our <complex.h> has:

	long double cabsl(long double complex) __RENAME(__c99_cabsl);

but apparently gfortran does not know about that. How does it work on
NetBSD/amd64? Or does it fail there just the same?


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