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Re: Patch for editors/lyx

Connor McLaughlan <> writes:

> I'm just wondering then how this version was able to find its way to a
> pkgsrc release if it doesn't compile on any system?

People do updates.  Usually those updates built for them.  Time passes.
People test some things.  Some things get fixed.  We cut a branch.
Sometimes things are broken.  We have no mechanism or policy to delete
source packages from a branch if they don't build.  Longer term, if they
never build and are pointless, someone will propse deletion, and then
sometimes they are fixed, sometimes they are deleted, sometimes they
stay.  There's no magic beyond what you see on the lists.

Of course, everybody tries to have everything work, but there are lots
of moving pieces.  Reports like yours are helpful, and building and
testing pkgsrc HEAD is useful.

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