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Recovering from broken userland after removing compat80 package

Hi all,

If you are using this package from pkgsrc-current, and running NetBSD
9.0, please unpack a base tarball before removing the compat80 package.

I haven't realized this package replaces base libraries if they already
exist, so my addition of to the package for the benefit
of netbsd-current meant that removing the package will delete your BASE

If you have the bad version of compat80 installed:

cd /

pkg_delete compat80
env PATH=/rescue tar xzpf base.tar.xz

Should be a safe way of removing it.

If you have removed compat80 and now dynamic programs fail, and don't
have a root shell:
1. Drop to boot prompt at the boot menu
2. Type 'boot -as' and press enter to boot.
3. When asked which shell to run, pick /rescue/sh
4. export PATH=/rescue
5. cd /
6. ftp
7. tar xzpf base.tar.xz
8. ^D to resume boot normally.

Sorry for the breakage. Hopefully very few people will be affected.

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