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Re: proposal to make bootstrap on Linux prefer pkgsrc by default.

11 August 2020, 18:59:06 "Jason Bacon" <>:
> On 2020-08-11 09:37, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> > In my opinion, our bootstrap script is already far too complicated and
> > is difficult to test and change without risk of breaking many esoteric
> > bootstrap situations that happen to work ok right now. Adding the
> > ability to bootstrap on a system without a working awk would add yet
> > more complexity at further cost to the simplicity of the script and
> > the ability for people to make changes without causing regressions.

Ok, I completely agree with this reasoning.

> > I also believe that users who are choosing to use pkgsrc on such
> > esoteric systems will already be fully capable of applying whatever
> > workarounds necessary to get bootstrap working themselves (as you've
> > demonstrated).

Sort of a chicken-egg dilemma. My use case may be esoteric because
users need to come up with the same workarounds each on their own.

> > It's also worth noting that awk is in toybox's list of "Packages
> > toybox plans to provide complete-ish replacents for".

The list is somewhat outdated, awk has gone out of toybox's scope
because android and pkgsrc source trees have nawk.

> I would suggest instead a collection of wrapper scripts specific to one 
> or a few environments.
> As an example, I created and maintain 
> auto-pkgsrc-setup ( to simplify bootstrapping 
> and ensure consistency and stability for typical PC and Mac users.

Useful read, thanks, as well as your pbulk wrappers. We're of course
writing similar scripts for each environment. I thought of mentioning
their part about awk here because it's repeated enough for it to be
likely of use for somebody else outside their context.

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