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Re: RHEL/Centos 7 builtin vs pkgsrc zlib clash for Makefiles that include devel/zlib/

"Lai, Peter                PW" <> writes:

> * RHEL 7.7 (Centos 7 for those playing at home I guess) in Azure.
> * Toolchain: Software collection (SCL) devtoolset-9
> * Yum installs native zlib-devel as a dependency for openssl-devel

> * openssl-devel was installed in order to support PREFER_NATIVE=          openssl

> Next, some packages that also include "../../devel/zlib/"
> such nginx is built, it pulls in devel/zlib. This is weird because
> RHEL 7 includes zlib 1.2.7 which satisfies zlib>=1.2.3 in buildlink3.

The is supposed to look at the and decide
whether to use native or pkgsrc.

Two separate thoughts:

  You can use "bmake show-vars VARNAMES=foo" to find out what the is doing.   It seems it ought to be ok with native, and if
  there is wrong logic, or something that's being checked you aren't yet
  aware of, that will help figure it out.  read the to figure
  out what variables are used, and then look at them, from nginx.

  Perhaps: If you are forcing PREFER_NATIVE for openssl, also set it for
  everything openssl depends on, just for cleanliness.

> What happens after is that libxml2 and downstream libxml2 dependencies (e.g. databases/postgresql) break because they see the pkgsrc zlib first:

It is asking for trouble to mix builtin/native.  Even if you had the
various rpath stuff perfect, a binary could want both and that can't work.

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