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Re: pkgsrc issues fetching source on HP-UX

On Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 10:16:49PM +0000, Xavier Nye wrote:
> This is a followup to my original question of "Force pkgsrc to use IPv4 when downloading package source?" However because it has been a couple of days since that conversation because I've done some more debugging, and I don't think the actual issue relates to what the title is, I'm assuming it's best to just start a new thread about this rather than replying to the original.
> The original error was using the system ftp. I ended up building pkgsrc's tnftp to see if it would work any better,but at this point I've basically given up on tnftp because even when I configure it using some configuration of -inet6 and -ssl it still refuses to work. For anyone who's interested, here's the output for -inet6 -ssl

If you configure it without -ssl it won't be able to fetch a lot of files
unless you set 


or in mk.conf something, but I suspect many will still be only available
over HTTPS

> One minor problem is that pkgsrc seems to want to use the native wget or curl and tries to pull that in. This shouldn't be a huge problem because I could just build that. However, this is where the real error seems to begin. For whatever reason pkgsrc seems to run into issues with the system /usr/bin/env when attempting to fetch sources. Here's a debug output of bmake -d e using curl to fetch sources.



in mk.conf. I would not expect non-PREFER_PKGSRC to work well on anything
except NetBSD.

The /usr/bin/env problems are likely caused by trying to build curl
with FETCH_USING set to curl (circular dependency), and unclean
'work' directories lingering.

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