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Re: [PATCH] net/samba4: relocate Sysvol to persist between reboots & move variable data out of /usr/pkg/etc/...

Hello Chavdar,

Am 28.07.2020 um 18:48 schrieb Chavdar Ivanov:
This being a place people are trying samba4 as a DC, I got a
repeatable panic on one of the systems I am trying it on, as follows:
crash: _kvm_kvatop(0)
Crash version 9.99.69, image version 9.99.69.
Kernel compiled without options LOCKDEBUG.
System panicked: /: bad dir ino 657889 at offset 0: Bad dir (not
rounded), reclen=0x2e33, namlen=51, dirsiz=60 <= reclen=11827 <=
maxsize=512, flags=0x2005900, entryoffsetinblock=0, dirblksiz=512

Backtrace from time of crash is available.
sys_reboot() at sys_reboot
vpanic() at vpanic+0x15b
snprintf() at snprintf
ufs_lookup() at ufs_lookup+0x518
lookup_once() at lookup_once+0x1a1
namei_tryemulroot() at namei_tryemulroot+0xacf
namei() at namei+0x29
vn_open() at vn_open+0x9a
do_open() at do_open+0x112
do_sys_openat() at do_sys_openat+0x72
sys_open() at sys_open+0x24
syscall() at syscall+0x26e
--- syscall (number 5) ---

that still looks like a file system inconsistency. Before the patch from Chuck I also had the case several times that a filesystem that was apparently repaired with fsck could no longer be trusted. After importing the patched kernel, to be on the safe side, I recreated all the file systems previously mounted with posix1eacls with newfs. Presumably fsck is not prepared for the kind of inconsistency, and only a newfs can restore a trustworthy initial state. What is the starting point for you? Has the file system been created after the patch, or has it only been treated with fsck so far?

In any case, I would advise you - if you have not already done so - to use a separate partition or LVM volume for the sysvol with its own file system, and to mount only this with the posix1eacls option. It seems the ACL code still needs a lot of testingh, so at least you can be sure that your root filesystem will not be affected.

Definitely good to know that you also test with Samba - many eyes see more :-)

Best wishes

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