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New stable QDirStat release: V1.7

Dear maintainers of QDirStat in all those distros out there,
there is a brand new stable release of QDirStat: V1.7

Release highlights:

- Closing the gap between sizes reported by QDirstat and sizes reported by
the du command: Now also taking the allocated size into account.

- Now also displaying the allocated size where it makes sense.

- New "Mounted Filesystems" window showing output similar to the df command
(but without the cruft).

- New directory selection dialog showing all (real) filesystems.

- New checkbox to cross filesystems (temporarily) in the directory selection

- Workaround for NTFS oddities: Ignoring hard links on NTFS.

- Bug fixes

Kind regards
Stefan Hundhammer

Krelingstr. 4   *   90408 Nürnberg   *   Germany

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