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Re: Preparing to move wip/bareos* to pkgsrc/sysutils

You need to set GITHUB_RELEASE instead of GITHUB_TAG.

Frank Kardel <> schrieb am Mi. 22. Juli 2020 um 17:42:
Hi !

I am about to import bareos, a bacula fork, into pkgsrc/sysutils.

One advantage among others is the support for hardware encryption on
LTO4+ drives,

Maybe somebody can have look for final improvements before the import.

One workaround is that I had to set GITHUB_TAG to Release/<version> in
order to be able to

fetch the release distribution file from github.  pkglint does not
really like the / there but I failed

to find better pkgsrc fetch support. Maybe there is a better solution.

The prospective packages are wip/bareos and wip/bareos-clientonly.

On import I will adjust the relative paths, add a description for the
scsi-crypto option and adjust the

maintainer reference.

I plan to import the packages next week.

Best regards,



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