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Re: python38 build failure on macOS 10.14

On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 11:00:05AM +0100, Adam wrote:
I can't reproduce this. I tried Xcode 10.1 on 10.13, Xcode 10.3 on 10.14, and Xcode 11.4 on 10.15. I see you've got newer Xcode (11+) on Mojave with SDK for 10.15. Can you try Xcode 10.3 (with SDK for 10.14), please?

Hmm, could very well be related to using the 10.15 SDK on Mojave (this is the default when installing Xcode from the App Store so I'm guessing I'm not unique in this regard). Busy downloading Xcode 10.3 now - will give it a try and see if it helps.

Also, can you send me the output of the configure phase?

Sure - I've put the full output of the build here:

Quite a few references to ffi, including:
Header file /usr/include/ffi/ffi.h does not exist
fatal error: 'ffi_common.h' file not found

Configure log file is here:

Cheers, MJ
Michael-John Turner * *

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