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my list of troubled packages - small!

I have two machines pretty up to date with pkgsrc.  All of them are just
what I use or feel like building - not a real bulk build.

One is netbsd-8 amd64 with about a kilopackage.  I am rebuilding
firefox, and not sure if that is going to work, but otherwise it is in
good shape.

The other is macos 10.13 with only 0.5 kpkg.  gobject-introspection
needs help for the usual mac rpath stuff, but other stuff has built.

I have not tried to rebuild everything, in that a package that is not
unsafe_depends and is not mismatched I am not building, even though we
have new portability checks since it last built.   I perhaps should
mark them all to be rebuilt, to patrol for "test ==" in newly checked
files and "[[".

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