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Re: How do I update all my installed packages from source?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> What works for me is:
> # pkg_rolling-replace -us
> From the pkgsrc root.
> If I omit the "-s" switch, pkg_rolling-replace can't find anything,
> even if the packages are obsolete. I don't know why.

Try running pkg_chk -uq and see what you get.

pkg_rr option "-u" is supposed to select for replacing mismatched
packages (which is obtained via pkg_chk).

packages that are "unsafe_depends" are always selected for replacing.

packages that are "unsafe_deepends_strict" are selected with "-s".
These are packages where a dependency was replaced, but with the same
version.  In theory, no replacing is necessary, and I basically believe
that to be true, but -s can recover from missing revbumps.

I would suggest that you add -v and safe the output, and read the
MISMATCH/UNSAFE lines and see if they makes sense.

If you have found a pkg_rr bug, I very much want to know about it, but I
am guessing you have something odd locally as this is the first report
like yours.

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