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Re: failuers when building ncurses-6.1 on pkgsrc_2019Q4

On Sun, 08 Mar 2020 01:58:55 +0000 (UTC)
Zhiwen Zheng <> wrote:

> Looks like libtool cannot find g++


Your gcc appears to be in /opt/tools/gcc7/bin/gcc ,
but c++ is /opt/tools/bin/g++.
What is the value of GCCBASE in mk.conf?
Is g++ present in ${GCCBASE}/bin/g++?

You may need to set CC and CXX to the full path of the compilers in

> if I pass CXX=/opt/tools/bin/g++ explicitly to bmake

Don't set CC or CC on the make command like, it will bypass pkgsrc
wrappers leading to all sorts of strange problems.

Kind regards,

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