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Re: x11/gtk3 - fatal error: pango/pango.h: No such file or directory

Sad Clouds <> writes:

>> Make sure your build path doesn't have a symlink.   cd to `pwd -P` to
>> avoid this.
> I have a symlink /usr/pkg -> /opt/pkg, could this cause the issue,
> since the headers will be under /usr/pkg/include?

That should be ok.

> Are there known issues with pkgsrc and symlinks?

The known issue is with symlinks to the source, as in /usr/pkgsrc points
to /d1/extra/netbsd/pkgsrc and you do

  cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/gobject-introspection

and then build, and the wrappers omit paths that appear to not be in the
build directory but actually are, or something like that.

So far I am only aware of this on a mac.

As for the installed pkg tree, I am not aware of issues, but I don't do
that and am not aware of successes either.

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