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Re: 9.0RC2 Problem with i386 rust bootstrap

On 2020-02-10 08:18, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

Current libssl version is 14 so I guess the bootstrap needs rebuilding.
Assuming amd64 has the same solib version .12 was replaced sometime around
August last year so this is a wildly out of date binary.

It's .14 on netbsd-9 but .12 on netbsd-8 (and .10 on netbsd-7).

As I'm not sure we want to provide a bootstrap kit per netbsd version,
the best way would be to install the compat libraries.

That's strangely inconsistent then. 9.0_RC2/amd64 can bootstrap without compat libraries so why should i386 be any different. If the bootstrap compiler needs the compat libraries it needs to declare them as a build dependency in the package. My builds are automated and in chroot environments so manual steps like this are a pain. Especially if they are arch specific.

Isn't this also going to break the bulk build infrastructure?


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