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pending update to PROJ

geography/proj has been undergoing signficant changes upstream, and not
all users have been keeping up.  pkgsrc is currently at 5.2.0, and proj
is now at 6.3.0.  I have the upgrade staged in wip, and it will perhaps
cause some users to break, and some will just need a flag to expose the
deprecated API.  Because of this I have been holding off.

The issues are not about pkgsrc; they are really about semi- or
un-maintained upstreams that use proj combined with rapid incompatible
changes in proj.  At this point Debian has upgraded, and I think we've
reached time in pkgsrc to do it.

So, if you understand what's going on and have an opinion, please let me
know what you think.  Lacking reasoned objections, I will update proj no
earlier than a week from now, the next time I get around to it.

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