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Re: SCO/Xinos OpenServer 7 pkgsr port after bootstrap bmake: no system rules (

Am 27.11.2019 um 23:32 schrieb Boyd Lynn Gerber:
> cd /build//pkgsrc/
> $ bmake
> bmake: no system rules (
> bmake: stopped in /build/pkgsrc
> Any ideas on how to get past this problem?

I'm not sure what causes this problem. To further track it down:

1. Are the pkgsrc Makefile snippets installed in /usr/pkg? There should
be around 20 files.

find /usr/pkg -name '*.mk' -print | wc -l

2. Which bmake are you using? I'm assuming that it is the one from
/usr/pkg, but I want to be sure.

type bmake

3. Where does bmake look for the installed files?

bmake -dA 2>&1 | grep 'sys\.mk'

These commands will probably provide further hints where to look next.


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