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wxGTK28 vs. wxGTK30


wxmaxima now uses wxGTK30, however, if one has wxGTK28 installed in
the build host, cmake makes a mess of it including bits from wxGTK28.
I tried to patch the initial CMake file to have wxGTK30 as the minimum
version accepted, it did not make a difference, the bits from wxGTK28
were still included.

The problem goes away if one uninstalls wxGTK28 from the build host,
then wxmaxima builds right away.

On my build host the only reason I had wxGTK28 installed was
graphics/wxsvg package, which builds correctly if one replaces the
include in the Makefile:
-.include "../../x11/wxGTK28/"
+.include "../../x11/wxGTK30/"



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