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Re: pkg_rolling-replace unexpected behaviour

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> Thanks for the good explanation. I can imagine the spidersweb of
> interdependencies X the impossible-to-factor combinations of variables
> in /etc/mk.conf X OS versions X don't know what else...

That's a very good point.

pkg_rr does not notice changes in mk.conf or in the OS.  This is not so
much a pkg_rr-specific deficiency as a basic approach of pkgsrc which
does not track the base OS as a dependency.

So if you update the OS across major branches or switch from modular to
native X, then you need to do "pkg_admin set rebuild=YES \*".

>> I also suggest using ccache so that extra rebuilds don't hurt that much.
> Well, you did suggest it to me this January and I started using it,
> but then I hit a problem - see
> . I
> actually built then a new VM with pkgsrc running -current of the
> moment just to repeat the problem building openjade with ccache and
> without it and the problem was confirmed, so I stopped using ccache
> after that. I might try it again to see if the problem remains.

Interesting - I didn't notice that.  This is very surprising; I have
basically had no issues.  I'll follow up offlist.

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