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check-update report


  I'm preparing and running check-update package.  This checks all the
pkgsrc tree if each packge is up-to-date with upstream.
Please take a look the URL below and utilize info for updating the packages.

  The infomation collected are (as natural) all automatic.
  So there are so many false and wrong information too.
  Please don't believe too much. And also please do not
  update the package without considering the affects of
  the update.
Thank you.

  (Single perl script)

With release version
  (release is the release of check-update software, not pkgsrc).

with HEAD version

 - Started                 2015/01
 - Github push started     2015/01/15
 - pkgsrc/wip/check-update 2017/03/26
 - Banned from Sourceforge ?
 - Free access from Sourceforge ?
 - HEAD took     5 hours   
             >  30 hours   2018/06/12
	     > 600 hours   2019/04/30
	     > 100 hours   2019/07/20
	   some  5 hours   2019/10/31
 - IPv6 disabled           2019/10/21
 - HEAD/Release recovered  2019/10/31 (some 5 hours to run)

Please give me the info to improve this check-update software.
(and also the questions, as well)
Thanks again,
Makoto Fujiwara
Key fingerprint = 0BFA FAEB EAD1 90BA 7498  8F85 6809 9E0B B7EF A12E

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