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2019Q3 packages for RHEL/CentOS 7 and NetBSD 8.1

After some delays due to changes in the gcc packages, bulk builds for 2019Q3 are now finished, with a reasonable increase over the previous quarter:

www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/NetBSD-8.1/All    17047
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/RHEL7/All    16844

www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q3/NetBSD-8.1/All    17530
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q3/RHEL7/All    17059

Install prefix for all packages is /sharedapps/pkg-2019Q3, following convention from previous builds.

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