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Re: xfwm4 crashes on NetBSD 9.99.17 (was "Re: firefox dumping core after NetBSD upgrade")

On Tue, 2019-10-29 at 19:52 -0400, David H. Gutteridge wrote:
> On Tue, 2019-10-29 at 10:38 +0000, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > I've tested xfce4 - a few days old build from -current pkgsrc - now
> > on
> > real hardware with functional dri2. I get the same as with the
> > VirtualBox client - I have to disable compositing to get xfwm4
> > working. At the same time glmark2 returns the usual or close to
> > results.
> What do you find if you disable compositing to get Xfce to start, and
> then enable it once xfwm4 is running successfully? I find that seems
> to
> work. So it fails some sort of initial probing, but then is able to
> activate the feature later, anyway. (As if there are two different
> code
> paths for this, or something is getting corrupted in memory during
> start up, but that isn't happening later on. I haven't had a chance to
> look at it in gdb again, yet.)

Sorry, that's the wrong example, the right example is:

- Move or delete the xfwm4.xml file from the .config path
- Start Xfce
- Go to Window Manager Tweaks->Compositor
- Note that the compositor is enabled, and related setting changes (e.g.
opacity of window decorations) successfully apply.

Yet, on the next startup cycle, xfwm4 crashes. (And it crashes with my
previous example of starting with the compositor turned off, and then
turning it on.)



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