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Re: kde4 users?

On Wed, 30 Oct 2019 at 14:53, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
> Are there kde4 users in pkgsrc that can still build kde4?
> There are strong suspects with probability of certainty that it is
> broken in several ways and incomplete.

I've been building kde4 on NetBSD  with amd64 kernel over the last few years 
using the kde4 meta-pkg with mixed success.

The last build which was fairly painless was pkgsrc-2019Q2 under NetBSD 
8_1.STABLE but I had to mess around and comment out a few packages to get it 
to complete. Most stuff seems to work OK under light testing except kmail - 
this core dumps on invocation, but works fine if started under gdb :-) I think 
that last time kmail just worked was about 3 years ago under NetBSD 7. I was 
intending to use this NetBSD 8 release to update a Lenovo T400 which still 
runs NetBSD 7 but would really prefer to run NetBSD 9.

A recent attempt compiling kde4 under NetBSD 9_beta and pkgsrc-2019Q3 was 
pretty hopeless - I have forgotten the exact problem, but it was a serious 
incompatibility between an updated package library and a kde component which 
used it.  The kde4 package collection is now seriously out of kilter with 
updated dependency components in pkgsrc and the problem is getting worse with 
each pkgsrc update  so I doubt if it will ever work without a lot of effort 
which would be better directed at kde5.


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