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Re: gns3 removal?

пн, 28 окт. 2019 г. в 18:57, Kamil Rytarowski <>:
> Are there any gns3 users in pkgsrc?
> It is in a very old version, not much useful for current emulation
> needs. Upgrade is non-trivial and needs non-free files for test. The
> software is also tainted with non-free property as it contains binary blobs.
> If there are no users, I intend to remove it.

I used this tool long ago, either on Linux or Windows, but never via
pkgsrc, so personally I have no objections against its removal. (I
guess the binary blobs are the images of Cisco IOS that are used on
the emulated devices.) But I just thought that some people would see
it as an advantage of the pkgsrc collection (and NetBSD for that
matter) when such a tool is available there (of course, in case it's
in good working conditions). So if it's there, there will be users, if
not today then tomorrow.

It would be good if there was a CGI download counter for pkgsrc (like
what they have on Distrowatch) to give some stats about the popularity
of each program (I presume not every user is reading this mailing


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