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status of geography/merkaaator - deletion proposal

merkaator is an openstreetmap editor.

geography/merkaaator is out of date relative to upstream

upstream's last release was in 2016-09, and there doesn't appear to be
further activity.  The last message on upstream's mailinglist was in

The version in pkgsrc uses qt4 (which as we all should realize now is
triple-plus unmtainained), but 0.18.3 from 2016 uses qt5.

However, it's not clear that anyone in OSM uses merkaator, let alone
anyone in pgksrc.

I have a query in to OSM people about whether there is any future in
merkaator, and if it's already not usable (due to not keeping up with
OSM APIs, etc.).

In parallel, I am suggesting here that there are zero users of merkaator
in pkgsrc, and that it might as well be deleted.

Please speak up if you use it, or even if you have heard of someone
using it.

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