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Re: minidlna buffer overflow on netbsd-8/amd64

Running with "-d" got a little more information:

Reading symbols from minidlnad...done.
(gdb) set args -d -R -f /usr/pkg/etc/minidlna.conf
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/pkg/sbin/minidlnad -d -R -f /usr/pkg/etc/minidlna.conf
[2019/10/27 05:04:04] minidlna.c:1027: fatal: MiniDLNA is already running. EXITING.
[Inferior 1 (LWP 0) exited with code 0377]
(gdb) bt
No stack.

at least it points to a file and line number to look at.

Edit:  not so useful, I think.  Just the line printing the message.
There is still a syslog entry for the overflow/terminated condition,
so haven't caught it yet.

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