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Re: gcc/cpp segfaulting on i386-9.99.17?

On Wed, 23 Oct 2019, at 13:01:44 -0500 (CDT), John D. Baker wrote:
> Trying to build gstreamer1 and at-spi2-core on i386-9.99.17 (gcc-7),
> the
> gobject-intropsection stage fails when 'gcc' gets SIGSEGV (gstreamer1)
> or
> 'cpp' gets SIGSEGV (at-spi2-core).
> [...]
> Curiously, everything works fine in netbsd-9/i386 and they currently
> have
> the same GCC (7.4.0).
> I seem to recall a number of messages about at-spi2-core or some such
> in one of the mailing lists, but now see no trace of them.
> Anyone else tried building gstreamer1 or at-spi2-core on i386-9.99.17?

FWIW, I tried duplicating this on 9.99.17, but amd64 rather than i386.
I couldn't reproduce failures with either of those packages. (This is
pkgsrc as of today, userland from Oct. 13th, kernel built Oct. 15th.)
An additional data point, anyway...



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