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Failure to build misc/libreoffice - pdfium problems?

With pkgsrc updated on 2019-10-19 at 04:24:32 UTC, I am getting a
ton of error messages related to pdfium.  I can provide the entire
3MB log file to anyone who might be interested in looking further;
there's so many errors that extracting them seems pointless.  Here
is the first error I found:

[build C ] UnpackedTarball/pdfium/third_party/freetype/src/src/psaux/psaux.c
In file included from /tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/libreoffice-
/tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/libreoffice- error: conflictingtypes for 'FT_Get_Name_Index'
   FT_Get_Name_Index( FT_Face     face,
In file included from /tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/libreoffice-,
                 from /tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/libreoffice-,
                 from /tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/libreoffice-
/tmp/pkgs/misc/libreoffice/work.x86_64/.x11-buildlink/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:3935:3: note: previous declaration of 'FT_Get_Name_Index' was here
   FT_Get_Name_Index( FT_Face     face,

This is on a NetBSD 9.99.15 amd64 host, and building into a newly-
created sandbox.

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