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Re: Problem with openjdk11 binary package

On 14/10/2019 22:05, Mike Pumford wrote:
On 14/10/2019 09:00, Tobias Nygren wrote:

The installed files themselves are fine; it was a bug with package
metadata generation. Fixed in openjdk11-

Thanks for confirming that the files themselves are fine. It looked that way when I unpacked the package but given that I depend on jenkins for my package builds a broken java package would make life awkward.

Well looks like openjdk11 has killed my jenkins installation although not in an obvious way. Looking at a TCP dump (and netstat status) the connection opens successfully and the client sends the HTTP request to the server. However it looks like the jenkins server process never actually reads the data off the socket.

Not really sure how to debug this but I am willing to try.

I can probably write enough java to start a simple TCP server if necessary.

For now I've gone back to jdk8 and having googled around on jenkins if there is a way for pkgsrc to make jdk8 the java for jenkins its probably a good idea as java11 support isn't fully baked yet even in the latest versions. I did my testing with jenkins 2.199 and followed the online instructions for enabling java 11 support.

On a related note the jenkins and jenkins-lts packages are wildly out of date:

jenkins-lts: upstream=2.190.1, pkgsrc=2.60.2
jenkins:upstream=2.200 pkgsrc=2.73

Jenkins releases are very frequent. Even the LTS release seems to be updated every 3-4 weeks.


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