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Re: php73 build failure

On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 11:41:06AM +0000, wrote:
> As background:
> relro:
> resolve all the relocations immediately, mark the table read-only
> ifunc:
> on your first attempt to run this function, first run the resolver,
> decide which function it should resolve to*, then run that function.
> * This means modifying the relocation table, which is read-only.
> This segfaults.
> So, it's entirely in's interpretation of what bind now and ifunc
> mean, but what's the correct way to handle this scenario?

With both I would say the only reasonable working scenario is when the
first ifunc call *would* result in the same relocation that the early
binding already did (so no modifications needed).

So detect, verify, abort if different? Or just shortcut the ifunc relocation


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