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Stupid pkg_chk binary pkgs issue

Hey folks, it must be too early and I did not have coffee yet...

I have:

 - a full set of (self build) binary pkgs in my $PACKAGES directory (that
   is: build from the same pkgchk.conf file, on a much faster machine
   using pkg_chk -C pkgchk.conf -raus)
 - on my notebook done: pkg_chk -C pkgchk.conf -r
   to remove old old pkgs (using the same /usr/pkgsrc and pkgchk.conf)
 - now am trying to install the binary pkgs with:
   pkg_chk -C /root/pkgchk.conf -ab

But instead of adding any of the binary pkgs, I only get a list of missing
ones, like:

Missing: shells/tcsh x11/rxvt archivers/cabextract archivers/gtar-base archivers/lzo archiver

... but the strange thing is: this list is wrong. While shells/tcsh is in
my pkgchk.conf, the pkg actually is (still) installed (as it is up to date).

So I must be missing something very stupid - help!


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