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Re: converters/libiconv-1.16

On 11.10.2019 14:32, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:
>> On 11.10.2019 05:42, Frédéric Fauberteau wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>> Is there any reason to use it on NetBSD? It silently breaks programs
>> that pick iconv.h, as it overwrites /usr/include/iconv.h and later
>> defines libiconv specific symbols that are absent in libc.
>> This breaks e.g. GDB for ./ tools
>> I had bad experience with it and in my opinion it should be marked as
>> not applicable/broken/unwanted for NetBSD.
> I don't follow this.  In pkgsrc, there are often things that replicate
> what's in NetBSD base.   We have to decide whether to use
> base or pkgsrc for things in pkgsrc that express dependencies on that
> package.
> on NetBSD arguably shouldn't be looking in pkgsrc, and if it
> does, it should use include/ and lib/ both.
> Can you explain "overwrites /usr/include/iconv.h"?   I am not aware of
> anything in pkgsrc writing to /usr/include, and if there is something,
> that sounds like a bug to be fixed.

./ picks /usr/pkg/include (or $PREFIX) paths by default as they
are detected by autoconf. I don't remember ofhand the reason for it, it
could be pkg-config that is used by ./ tools.

It would be ideal to blacklist packages from pkgsrc that interfere with
the process of bootstrapping tools.

Before that, libiconv causes harm as /usr/pkg/include is in the search
path, and prior /usr/include for headers with overlapping names.

And in general, is there any reason to want libiconv on NetBSD? Why not
to use the libc version one? If there is a missing feature, better to
add it in libc, if it is non trivial and libiconv is a stop-gap for
something in pkgsrc (I suffer because R picks it.. and stopped
installing it recently), it would be good to first fix the the
./ tools scripts.

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