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Re: mailgraph package

Le 2019-10-01 22:00, Roland Illig a écrit :
Am 01.10.2019 um 11:48 schrieb Frédéric Fauberteau:
# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.25 2019/08/11 13:21:29 wiz Exp $

DISTNAME=    mailgraph-1.14

Somehow your mail client replaced the tabs with spaces. If that's also
in the original Makefile, just run pkglint -F.

It's either my mail client or gedit that replaced the tabs. pkglint -F is silent and the Makefile is ok.


I wonder why pkglint didn't complain about a MASTER_SITES that is
missing the trailing slash. It should definitely not end with a letter
since that would produce /pub/oldmailgraph-1.14.tar.gz without an
intermediate slash.

Ah I see, the "must end with a slash" check is only there for
MASTER_SITES in the form of ${MASTER_SITE_APACHE:=subdir/}.

Ok, but I can add a slash at the end for security.

There's an automatic https redirect on the host. Therefore you should
change the URLs to use https as well. This is something that pkglint
doesn't check because it never accesses the internet.


COMMENT=    RRDtool frontend for mail statistics
LICENSE=    gnu-gpl-v2

DEPENDS+=    rrdtool>=1:../../databases/rrdtool
DEPENDS+=    p5-File-Tail-[0-9]*:../../misc/p5-File-Tail

USE_TOOLS+=    perl:run
NO_BUILD=    yes

REPLACE_PERL+=    mailgraph.cgi


OWN_DIRS+=    ${VARBASE}/db/mailgraph

RCD_SCRIPTS=    mailgraph

SUBST_CLASSES+=        var
SUBST_STAGE.var=    pre-configure
SUBST_FILES.var=    mailgraph.cgi
SUBST_MESSAGE.var=    Fixing hardcoded /var.

I prefer to put SUBST_MESSAGE further up, so that it serves as a summary
of the whole block. The documentation in mk/ mentions it after
SUBST_STAGE. The order there is fully intentional and is strictly
chronological. First, SUBST_STAGE determines the stage in which the
substitution happens, and then SUBST_MESSAGE is shown. That's also the
order that packages should follow.

Done. Thanks for the clear explanation.

AUTO_MKDIRS=        yes
INSTALLATION_DIRS+=    libexec/cgi-bin
INSTALLATION_DIRS+=    share/doc/mailgraph
INSTALLATION_DIRS+=    share/mailgraph

The first 3 INSTALLATION_DIRS lines are redundant since these
directories are mentioned in the PLIST and AUTO_MKDIRS is defined.
There's no pkglint check for this yet, I'll add one.

Should we prefer AUTO_MKDIRS instead INSTALLATION_DIRS?

The last INSTALLATION_DIRS line is probably unnecessary. The package
doesn't install anything there, and empty directories are not packaged.

mailgraph.css is installed in share/mailgraph:

  ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/mailgraph.css \

But since AUTO_MKDIRS and directory in PLIST, no INSTALLATION_DIRS.

Thanks a lot for this very detailed review!

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