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Re: gnuradio and py-scipy

>>> It seems math/py-scipy was updated to a version that does not support
>>> python 27, and gnuradio still depends on it.  So perhaps I'm missing
>>> something, but it looks like most of gnuradio will be broken:
>>> Package `py27-scipy-1.1.0' is still required by other packages:
>>>       gnuradio-core-
>>>       gnuradio-fcd-
>>>       gnuradio-uhd-
>>>       gnuradio-digital-
>>> Perhaps gnuradio does work with 37, and the makefile.common is just
>>> wrong.
>> There is py-scipy12, which might be suitable.
> Glad to hear it.  The python world is really quite a mess, with packages
> giving up 2.7 compatibility before things that depend on them have
> migated to 3.x.

Correct. And Python 2.7 is going to be retired by the end of the year.
I am not updating some packages for the reason you mentioned, but
I think we should either get rid of some, or create multiple version, like

>> AFAIR I had some problems building gnuradio. I can give it another go.
> That would be great.   If you can flip the dependency to py-scipy12,
> that seems reasonable as at least an interim step.

In ham/gnuradio-core/ I see

DEPENDS+= ${PYPKGPREFIX}-scipy-[0-9]*:../../math/py-scipy12

Is it still picking the newer version for you?

> Is 1.2 that last scipy that works with 2.7?


Kind regards,

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