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Re: x11/py-sip 4.19.18 breaks x11/py-qwt-qt4 then ham/gnuradio*

On Mon, 09 Sep 2019, at 23:58:47 +0900, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:
> Just for your information ;-(
> recently 
> x11/py-qwt-qt4 fails to be packaged.
> This is due to the recent update of x11/py-sip from 4.19.13 to
> 4.19.18.
> This affects to ham/gnuradio* packages.
> I don't know the fix yet, sorry

Yeah, the x11/py-sip update also broke x11/py-kde4. I haven't looked
into it, beyond using the workaround of building the older version of
py-sip from 2019Q2, then py-qt4 and py-kde4 from -current.



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