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Re: pkgsrc picking up wrong fontconfig

I am also seeing fontconfig problems trying to build gtk2.

I added BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS for it to gtk2 (not committing it because
it doesn't feel like the root cause) and that built, but my resulting
lib is linked to both native and pkgsrc fontconfig.

Overall, it seems that pkgsrc has to use either native or pkgsrc
fontconfig for any separable tree of builds, or end up in a bad state.

So, I wonder if we should make the fontconfig package declare a required
version high enough satisfy 2.11.91 which seems very often requested.
That will have, I think, the effor of preferring pkgsrc fontconfig on
systems where native is older.

Also, I notice that on netbsd-8:

  /usr/pkg/X11R7/lib/libfontconfig has soname 2.2 and version 2.11.1
  /usr/lib/X11R7/lib/libfontconfig has soname 1.12 and version 2.13.1 

which seems odd at best.

There are similar issues with freetype2.

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