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Re: net/tor doesn't build for me

Am 25.08.2019 um 11:46 schrieb
> net/tor is also not building on SmartOS, with the same error. See:

> CC src/lib/version/libtor_version_testing_a-git_revision.o
> src/lib/version/git_revision.c:15:10: fatal error:
>     micro-revision.i: No such file or directory

Are there any symlinks involved in your setup? Since bootstrap/bootstrap
1.263 from 2019-05-01 it's not possible anymore to bootstrap pkgsrc when
PREFIX or some other directories contain symlinks, and since
mk/ 1.2032 from 2019-08-18 there is a similar check that
prevents WRKDIR from containing symlinks.

Does the file micro-revision.i exist at all?

What command line is passed into WRKDIR/.work.log, and what is the
resulting real command line?

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