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Re: jabberd (1) deletion?

Greg Troxel <> writes in April of 2015:

> Does anyone use, know anyone who uses, or has heard a rumor that someone
> uses jabberd 1.4.2?  The distfile is dated July 2003, and it seems
> almost everyone has migrated to jabberd2.
> If you are using it, it's probably worth updating the package to
>, released in June of 2012.  Volunteers?
> I dimly remember trying to update from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4 and finding it
> harder than migrating a server to jabberd2, so I gave up.

It's now four years later.  As you know I'm not a raging deletionist.

In 2015, someone said they were using it, but now their email bounces.

The update to the release (2007) has not happened yet.


  Is anyone still using jabberd 14?

  Does anyone know anyone who uses it?

  Has anyone heard a rumor that there is still someone using it (from

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