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Re: Compiling pbulk fails on vax

Am 28.07.2019 um 04:31 schrieb Julien Savard:
> Hi,
> i always get this error when trying to install pbulk on my ( emulated
> via simh) NetBSD 8.0 vax :
>     blake2b.c: In function 'blake2b_compress':
>     blake2b.c:171:1: internal compiler error: in
>     cselib_invalidate_regno, at cselib.c:2169
>      }
>      ^
> Any suggestion before I try to submit a PR ?

As a workaround, you could try to disable optimization for this one
file. Or for the whole package, which is probably simpler.

For the proper fix, having a minimal example in a single would be nice,
as usual.

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