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Re: rpath fix in graphics/glfw

"Aleksej Lebedev" <> writes:

> Hi, everyone!
> I recently added tracy  ( to pkgsrc-wip. It compiles OK on Linux and on Mac. However, when executed on Mac it fails to load libglfw.3.dylib (part of graphics/glfw) due to an incorrect rpath in glfw.
> I fixed it by removing a mac-specific trick in glfw. Honestly I don't understand what the trick was originally for, but it breaks liking against libgsfw.dylib. The patch is the following:
> a@zhtw-pc:~/pkgsrc$ cat graphics/glfw/patches/patch-src_CMakeLists.txt 
> $NetBSD$
> - TOMTOM: Fixes linking on OSX

Have you filed a bug upstream?  pkgsrc  has a notion that patches should
be addressed upstream and the patch file should have a URL for the
upstream bug report (or an explanation of why that can't be, like
upstream declines to accept bug reports).

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