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unbreak devel/gobject-introspection macOS

Hi All,

If you don’t know devel/gobject-introspection is currently broken on macos since devel/glib2 and itself uses meson.

There is a first problem with devel/glib2.

Currently, mainstream uses just only one implementation of gappinfo on macOS. If other applications are built with x11 implementation (gdesktopappinfo), the build fails with undefined reference (typically, gtk).
Different patches on glib2 breaks gobject-introspection on macOS for gtk cannot be built if PKG_OPTIONS is x11. The patches cause undefined reference on gobject-intropsections on macOS.

I have a patch allowing to choose appinfo implementation on macosx (either x11, either native).
The patch is an adaptation of an old patch proposed to mainstream but never integrated in glib2 because of meson migration.
Mainstream is not reluctant about this kind of patch but considers it as a workaround…

The second patch is about devel/gobject-introspection.

I had different problems to make this package works on macOS
In brief, the executables does not work inside the build. As workaround, I just build a static version of girepository library for the executable targets to work correctly inside the build and make the typelib files. The static library and the « g-ir-compiler bootstrap » is not finally installed (apparently meson let some cache files inside the work directory ".home/.cache" if someone knows how to say to meson, "please remove them", that would avoid a warning )

Apparently, except bad interpretation by myself about Patrick Welche told me, even on netbsd the typelib are not created (error about dynamic library girepository not found).
The patch might solve this problem.
I have also removed a patch by @prlwl which "do not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when calling the compiler ». It breaks the scanner when it generates girepository gir file on macosx.
Let me know if it causes problems.

The packages don't fail at the compile time on macOS currently (I didn’t check about gtk). I would like to avoid any break on other platforms so if someone might test, I would be happy.

I didn’t fill a PR. If you think relevant, let me know.

Clement Bouvier.

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