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Re: pkgin can't process URL

On 2019-07-17 14:14, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2019-07-17 at 17:13 BST, Jason Bacon wrote:

A handful of dependencies fail to install when using pkgin.  The error
always shows a wildcard for the package name, e.g. 'libLLVM*'.  I'm not sure
if that's anything special, or if it's just failing on these packages for
some other reason.

In every case, the package can be installed manually, but fails to install
as a dependency.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  pkgin bug?  Might it have to do with
the web server config?
There are a few things odd about this:

  - Why is the log showing "pkg_add.bin"?  pkgin hardcodes the path to
    pkg_add so there is clearly something non-standard going on here -
    it would help to include anything like that in the initial bug
    report, otherwise we will assume you are using the defaults.

  - After downloading all the required packages, pkgin calls pkg_add
    with a full path to the downloaded package.  The fact it's falling
    back to the glob method shows something already went wrong earlier.

  - As the log shows your pkg_install is built without SSL support, so
    trying to install from https:// is not going to work.

I would first debug why the packages are not being installed directly
from the pkgin cache and go from there, the rest (SSL support and "no
pkg found") are essentially false flags as you shouldn't be falling
back to that method in the first place.  This will likely be caused by
whatever you are doing to pkg_add.bin.


That little overview of how pkgin interacts with pkg_add was just the clue I needed.

FYI, the pkg_add.bin you see is due to a simple wrapper we use:

shell: cat /sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/sbin/pkg_add
#!/bin/sh -e

# Make sure software installed is world-readable on systems with tighter
# default umask.
umask 022
pkg_add.bin "$@"

We have a default umask of 027 on our HPC clusters, which would leave some installed files unreadable.  I verified that unwrapping pkg_add does not make any difference.

I can, however, alleviate the issue by changing pkg_install.conf from




pkgin/repositories.conf is

I built pkgin from source with SSL support (PKG_OPTIONS.libfetch=inet6 openssl) but left the original pkg_install built during bootstrap.

The question that remains is why does https work in PKG_PATH for 99% of packages, but not for a handful of dependencies?  It seems that PKG_PATH must be configured correctly in very rare cases, even though pkg_add is not downloading anything.

I confirmed that all packages are present in /sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/var/db/pkgin/cache/.

I think the real solution on our end is to rebuild pkg_install with SSL support.  This will ensure security in case someone bypasses pkgin.  ( Or I may have another go at building with SSL support during bootstrap, although that was not practical before for reasons I can't remember. )

I'd still like to understand what's going on here, though.



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