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Re: libva looks for non-existent hw-specific libraries?

On Wed, 3 Jul 2019, Robert Swindells wrote:

> >I take this to mean that pkgsrc/modular Xorg is required.
> I don't think this is true.

'vlc' works fine on netbsd-8 w/native Xorg--at least playing a local
video file.  "libva" still complains but doesn't prevent it from working.
(The Xserver crashes at every opportunity, but I think that's a different
problem--probably hardware getting flaky although it happens more
frequently on netbsd-8 than on -current.)

So, I've had to set that machine aside and have returned to an older
workstation that's using an ATI/AMD Radeon X1550 Sapphire card (RV520).
"libva" displays similar complaints about not finding an
"", but otherwise works--'vlc' plays a local video file
without problems.

It sort-of works to play a stream from my HDHomeRun unit using the
"hdhomerun_config_gui", but the display just looks like mud and there's
no audio.  When 'vlc' exits, 'hdhomerun_config_gui' crashes.

> Have you tried building multimedia/intel-vaapi-driver ?

I tend only to build the leaf package in which I'm interested.  If the
dependencies don't pull stuff in and don't mention needing something
explicitly installed, I haven't done it.

It may be a side-effect of my use of the xf86-video-intel-2014 driver
in -current.  I'll see about switching back to the current driver in my
next build (have to force "AccelMethod" "UXA" to get a usable display)
and see if it fares different.

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